Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wall mural almost complete

The girls have been working  very hard and have completed several sections of art work ... most of the time we don't now what it will all work out as but they do!!
 The octopus and corals sitting on sand  are  placed at the bottom of the wall

Porcupine puffer fish swimming past brain coral
He is a happy fish not yet excited and puffed up!!

The Hawksbill turtle may be my favorite part of the mural..I think he is wonderful just gently swimming over the coral reef

The Manta ray ...always a favorite but not too common . We get many rays in Seychelles . The most common is probably the Eagle Ray followed by the  Marble sting ray, Devil ray and then the rarer  one such as Porcupine Ray.

It will only be a day or two till the girls have completed their masterpiece watch this space for the full picture!!

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