Tuesday, May 31, 2016

EU Navy ship visits Seychelles

Seychelles has become a popular Rest & Recovery destination for Navy ships from all around the works now on patrol in the Indian Ocean

So for the last few days we have been visited by a European Union vessel FGS BAYERN

FGS BAYERN secured in Port Victoria
Divers:  Leift ( Germany) , Juha ( Finland) , Johannes ( Germany)

Divers: Leift, Johanna, Johannes ( all from Germany) , Snorklers : Dragan ( Serbia) ,Ugis ( Latvia)
The guys have been diving for a few days but must set sail again tomorrow. See you next visit

Monday, May 30, 2016

Beau Vallon Primary School swimming class

This morning we were inundated by very young Seychellois from the Beau Vallon Primary  School taking swimming classes ..........Oh so cute !!
When asked who wanted their photo taking with the shark and turtle  all the hands go up!!

A must have T shirt !!!

I just could not resist taking a photo of this T shirt ......it is just oh so correct for all
we divers !!!
Love the T shirts!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Underwater Centre wins Trip Adviser 2016 Certificate of Excellence

To everyone that sent in excellent reports ........many, many thanks!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Oliver & Claire qualify as PADI Divemasters...........congratulations

Oliver and Claire joined us for just over 2 months as Advanced Open water divers . Already certified with Advanced Life Support certifications they have sailed through their Rescue course .
Oliver in training to be a PADI Dive Master
Oliver and Claire have now  left Seychelles and will be moving around the world .Talk of New Zealand and / or USA have been mentioned .

Seychelles have been noted as the islands of romance and it seems to have worked for this couple as  they became engaged during their last week .................Congratulations from all of us at Underwater Centre.

Oli and Claire with our Seychelles turtle  wall painting outside the Dive Centre

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The rarest bird in the world.....the Spix Macaw

Some of you may remember that we have a parrot of our own........Booby  a Guatemalan Miley with green feathers and a few red and blue patches  . Anyway,  when offered a visit to the Conservation captive breeding center in Qatar   during our Whale Shark Conference visit we were delighted . Another early start  but  no problem to see the SPIX Macaw ...now extinct in the wild !!
The rarest parrot in the world .the SPIX  Macaw

Bred by Cromwell at the  captive breeding center

                                            Baby chicks feed every 2 hours by Cromwell and his dedicated team

4th Whale Shark conference in Qatar

 Being a conservation  active  Dive Centre   , the Underwater Centre went to  Qatar for the 4th  International Whale Shark conference . 3 days of intense presentations from  all the current scientists  researching whale sharks from all over  the world ...it has been amazing . We work closely with Marine Conservation Society Seychelles ( MCSS)......  see the  happy faces below.

Dr David Rowat and assistants Freya and Savy
The last day after the conference  was spent on a special trip to visit the whale shark aggregation in Qatar.......only possible via arrangements with the MAERSK  oil company and the Qatar Ministry of Environment........so we were very privileged indeed. Over 100 sharks seen, measured, many  tissue samples taken and over 20  sharks tagged .......a very busy morning which stated at 03.30 am!!!
Dr Rowat and Savy dock side in the Navy Port

Freya catching some early morning sun...only 06.30 and hot already!!

Savy after 2 hours in the water ........just in for some water !

De-kitting after dive on 25-05-2016

 The beach at Beau Vallon  is calm and the boat can reverse up in front of the Dive Centre  for easy unloading of tanks , divers and equipment . After a wash in the fresh water basins with a small amount of disinfectant added there are the fresh water showers and equipment racks for drying gear .

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty courses

 We have  just completed the 2 Wreck diver specialty training courses for Debora and Frederick.
Luckily we have several wreck sites within the Beau Vallon Bay area to give them some variety
Well done Frederick and Debora
Dredger wreck is 26 meters  and Twin Barges slope from 12 meters to 24meters

Friday, May 13, 2016

Spanish Navy pay a vist

We are delighted to receive the crew of the SPANISH navy during their short  R&R break in Port Victoria.
 It seems that the Dive Shop was quite busy with many certified divers and several beginners trying for the first time .

 We were pleased to get the below e mail from crew member  Jose Losada:
'' Hi good afternoon.
yes we are sailing to djibouti and we are happy with the dives with you but unfortunately we didnt see turtles or sharks :( maybe the next time...
the crew that are doing the practices was very good with us...Mexican ( Dive Master trainee Andy)  and scotish girl ( Dive Master trainee Matilda) was so patiences with us.great for them!
Thank you very much and maybe we can see littel monsters the next time. :)  ''
 Dive Master trainees Andy and Matt are 2 of the 6 currentt trainees we have .................so very pleased to hear  that they are getting such good reviews!  YES pity about the  sharks and Turtles  as we usually have good sightings  but that's just your luck when diving . So we need to do lots of dives !!