Friday, July 2, 2010

Congratulations to all our students for June 2010

Congratulationa to all out students.............well done!!!!

Open Water Diver:  Richard Abbott,  Mark Sharples, Laurence Poulton,  David Coppock, Jamie Bowden, Steven Washington

Advanced Open Water Diver: Sylvain Oliveira,  Shaun Cubitt

Rescue Diver : Hernan Borja, Thomas Conley, Jan Moser,  Jared Beck

Peak Performance Buoyancy : Hernan Borja,

Digital UW Photographer :  Edward Bridge, Charlotte Pryor, Thomas Conely,

Search & Recovery Diver:  Thomas Conley,

Enriched Air NITROX : Thomas Conely,

Deep Diver: Hernan Borja,



Mid June saw the arrival of the HMS NORTHUMBERLAND  and we were pleased to help with diving for certified divers and courses for beginners.

             2 very important people ........the Captain and the Chef

Several of our dive sites were visited  , including SHARK BANK, GROUPER and BAY TERNAY MARINE PARK

           Group photo of divers, students  and Underwater Centre staff

The WHITE  ENSIGEN  flag  was proudly dispalyed at the Dive Centre and then  taken underwater for a   group photo of all assembled  ships divers

Since leaving Seychelles the ship reports that they have seen several WHALE SHARKS  in a large group that counted  over 30 !  This is great news as these sharks will soon be arriving in Seychelles waters for the September and October  Marine Conservation Society research program


Good Bye to Charlotte and Edward and Hello to Alex, Jarron and Lee

June was the change over month of our Divemaster trainees. We said goodbye to Charlotte  and Edward be missed greatly ...........and said hello to Alex , Jarron and Lee  who will be with us for 3 months doing their full training and internship program.

                 New Divemaster Trainees Lee, Alex and Jarron

What a mix of students..........Lee is from the UK, Jarron from Australia  and Alex from the USA and already they are a great hit with the staff and clients!!