Friday, September 10, 2010


We will be posting what we think is the  best dive of the may be due to great fish activity , good corals or  intertesting and rare  sightings!!.  It has beed an exceptionally long SE monsoon with  water tempersture staying below 26.C  and  water remaining  heavy with plankton causing lower  visbility  . This means looking towards the macro  side of SCUBA.   This week we had  a superb shoal of Barbel eels on Dredger Wreck all tightly packed together  and a rare Indian Ocean Walkman on the Aquarium

Indian Ocean Walkman, Scorpian Fish
Distinctive orange flash on the side fins

GOOD BYE to our 3 Divemasters

The end of the three month Divemaster  Course with Internship is here and we must say '' good- bye '' to Jarron  as he heads back to Australia. ....... but not after a great beach Bar B Q with bonfire night!!

Jarron, Alex and Lee
Jarron has arrived safely back home  in Australia and is  very much aware of the drop in temperature . Lee will be joining GVI on Mahe  as the latest STAFF member and Alex is off to Aplhonse Island  to check out the bone fishing  that the island is famous for ........ we wish them all well in their future careers and hope our paths will cross again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maintenance at the Dive Centre continues

How many Divemasters does it take to rebind a dive boat ladder?? If you are not sure just take a look below!!                                                                      
                                                                                     The last of our 4 boats in the REEF DIVER fleet will soon be out of the ship yard after new engines , new canopy, painting and antifouling so the boys are busy with the final touches to prepare her for  service in a day or two.
Our other Divemasters are still busy painting    but and end is in sight !!  Carpenters are putting in the last of the nails and after a good paint job  we should be ready to move in this weekend!!!  We cant wait!

New T Shirt design is launched !

 The latest T shirt design has been   cleverly completed by Instructor Sabrina
''BETTER A BAD DAY IN THE WATER THAN A GOOD DAY IN THE OFFICE''   is certainly true for all the staff of Underwater Centre. From left to right meet:
Nigel ( Skipper), Michael ( Divemaster / Skipper) , Yannick ( work attachment from Maritime college), Mervin ( Skipper), Sabrina ( Master SCUBA Diver Trainer), Tony IDC Staff Instructor and our new arival,  Jessica ( Divemaster) 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Congratulations to all our Students for August 2010

Congratulations  are due once again to al the following students:

Junior Openwater Diver : Sue Ellen Cheedle,

Openwater Divers:  Laura Lockher , Benjamin Thurston, Jennifer Cook, Caroline Cheedle,  Alex Murray, Jenny Murray, Ryan Morse, Andrew Laboudallon, Emma Forman, Maria Van Geldorp, Laura Vitier,  Brandon Michaels .

Advanced Openwater : Benjamin Thurston, Richard Abbott, Ryan Richards, Kelsey Rush, Jennifer Cook,  Adham Khoury, Louise Jenkins

Emergenct First Responder : Laura Sennett , Christian Lesperance, Margaret Mothe,

Rescue Diver : Dave Wilson, Katarzyna Zdaniewicz, Monica Sykopetritis, Joshua Mathias, Jacqui Lane, Katharina Tontsch, Nicky Williams, Sylvie Berthelot, Robert Howard, Silvia Bachmann, Samantha Vareltzis,

Enriched Air ( NITROX) : Christopher Gummo, Kelsey Rush, Andrew Rush, Richard Abbott,  Brandon Michaels,

Wreck Diver: Richard Abbott,

Deep Diver : Richard Abbott,

Peak Performance Buoyancy : Richard Abbott,