Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diving is for Everyone!

Meet Paulo
PADI Seal Team Scuba Diver

Paulo and his family are currently living in Seychelles aboard their yacht, as they slowly cruise the world.  Whilst here his Mum thought it important for the kids to learn to dive, what a life! and such an amazing life changing experience.

Paulo is the most excited new diver I have ever met!  this boy shows no fear, and loves being underwater.  He has learnt all his hand signals, and is able to complete his underwater exercises with confidence, it was a case of keeping up with Paulo.

Diving is a sport for all, and the level of confidence young people gain for this experience is second to none, at Paulo's age he learns to dive in the pool.  

The dive course Paulo is completing is called "PADI Seal Team", and is specifically design for children, it's core goal is to introduce Scuba Diving in a safe confined water environment, with very closely supervised instruction.

The course covers all the PADI requirements of Scuba diving, introducing the kids to the underwater environment, focusing on safety first.  With in this course we cover,Basic Scuba Diving Skills, underwater fun and games.

Paulo wants to learn everything he can, so we will also cover- Underwater Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Creature ID, Environmental Specialist, Inner Space Specialist, Navigation, Night , Safety, Search and Recovery, Skin Diver, and Wreck Specialist. 

On completion Paulo will be a PADI Master Seal.

If you want more information regarding PADI Seal Team, for kids or any other PADI diving courses please don't hesitate to contact us.

Glynis Sanders
Underwater Centre
Ph: 00248 345 445

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's week 3- 2010 already!!!!!! Time is just flying by.

It's all about the diving, and this week the Underwater Centre is excited to introduce our two new Divemaster candidates

Justin- US Air Force, Adrian- newly arrived from Germany

These two guys just can't get enough diving, and both have now completed their PADI Advanced Open Water, EFR- Emergency First Responder, and PADI Rescue courses with us here at the Underwater Centre, and are now taking the next step in their diver training as PADI Divemasters in Training.

Seychelles has a lot of Military personnel based here, and quite a few of them are taking this once in a lifetime oppertunity to learn and further their diver education in the beautiful Seychelles- what a place to learn, it's warm, and the fish and coral life is just spectacular!

Norbert Percell- US Navy

Norbert has become a regular here at the Underwater Centre, and has fallen in love with diving.  In the shortest amount of time possible has gone from a non diver, to completing PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, and PADI Rescue Diver.

Norbert  in all his new gear

It's so satisfying for us seasoned divers to have new and really excited divers around the centre, Norbert is a great example of that infectious enthusiam, he has even purchased all his own equipment- an important step towards becoming the PADI professional diver he's aspiring to be.
Diving in your own personal gear makes such a difference, you know how everything works, and where everything is in times of need/emergency, and it makes your diving that much more comfortable and enjoyable, no more hiring gear, and the cost of dives is reduced.

Here at the Underwater Centre we can assist with advice in the purchase of equipment, and of course provide gear packages to personally suit your dive requirements.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New PADI Open Water Divers

It's been another very busy week here at the Underwater Centre.   It's amazing to see all these very cold Europeans heading to the Seychelles for a little R &R... and of course lovely warm sunny days that you can only dream of back home!

There are so many small almost private beaches dotted all round Mahe

And it's great to see so many of you trying diving for the first time. This week it was Open Water students Phil and Andrew who stepped up to the challenge.

Instructor Tony teaching Dive Equipment setup and operation

Phil and Andrew have spent the last few days completing their theory work and the exams.

PADI Open Water Exams

Final Open Water Exam

If you are interested in learning to Dive please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are able to design our Open Water courses to suit your needs and time constraints.

There are two main options:

Option One: E-Learning- 270 Euro if pre-paid.
You complete the theory exercises, and knowledge reviews and on line exams prior to arriving in Seychelles.  This is a fantastic way to speed up the process and really focus on the practical diving.  E-Learning is an online PADI learning option, where you gain the benefit of getting most of the theory out of the way before you get here, and save some money in the process.
You just need to complete a 20 question quiz to re-enforce the theory already covered, and of course we go over any of the learning you are unsure of, you then can focus on the four dives, generally spaced over two days.

Option Two: Traditional Learning360 Euro if pre-paid
All theory and practical learning takes place in the dive centre, and is generally structured over 4 days

Please note-
*all equipment and any materials and dives required are included in the course cost
*E-Learner Students should bring the PADI Theory Completion Referral Paper with them
* All students need to bring a passport size photo for each PADI course completed

*PADI certification on completion of the course is an additional 20 Euro

Pre-paid rates only avalible for packages booked and paid for prior to arrival

If you would like further information regarding these and any other PADI Diving courses, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are also happy to assist and arrange full packages including airport transfers, accomadation, and additional diving.

Please contact us for pricing on any of the above:
Owner: Glynis Sanders
Dive Centre: Underwater Centre
Ph: 00248 345 445

Monday, January 18, 2010


It's hard to believe we are now already half way into Jan 2010??  They say that as you get older time seems to speed up but this is ridiculous!

Here at the underwater Centre it has been crazy busy with so many divers.... all wanting to escape the ravages of the freezing European winter.

Our Divemaster interns have been very busy, the paper work all over, and ALL exams passed, its now down to the real work.. getting that all important dive centre experience.

Annika busy setting up for the morning dive

Our interns are now on a weekly roster, and spend their days participating in and around the centre, learning and assisting with the day to day operations discovering just how much fun hard work can be. 

Ross setting up his morning dive

Completing client dive registration

As we watched the dive leave this morning; the locals also hard at work, were fishing off Beau Vallon Beach.  It's great to see the traditional methods are still being used today, and if you ask, they will include you.

Another beautiful morning on Beau Vallon Bay beach, with one of our dive boats ready for the morning dive, with local fishermen bringing in the catch