Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Underwater Centre and MCSS work together

pre dive briefing on coral nursery cleaning activities by  program leader Chloe
 Underwater center have worked with Marine Conservation Society for many decades now and this year there is more work then ever to do.  Dive equipment is required daily ( free of charge ) for coral reef surveys, coral nursery inspections and cleaning activities.  We also have a LOBSTER Survey program underway requiring 2 nigh dives .............. and we are always happy to assist

Seychelles Maratime student assist UWC

We are lucky to have regular students assisting us at the Dive Center .  They do all kinds of jobs......go out on the boat to assist the skipper, go snorkeling as a Snorkel guide and become an
in water  safety personnel. Help with compressor  tank filling , general cleaning etc . etc. Always lots to do at the Dive Center 
Verona has a great artistic ability

cleaning equipment is never ending