Thursday, April 30, 2015

Underwater photos from Matt and Paul

Once again some images of the great dive sites and marine life we have ....the conditions  have been so perfect  these last few months that the dives are amazing.

We have been lucky to see many turtles...mostly Hawksbills as show to the right.  We also do get a few Greens turtles but on the inner islands they are not the most common sighting.

White tip sharks have also been a regular sighting ..............some free swimming but others happily resting under rock ledges .

Check out the small eyes, 5 gills, side of the mouth 'wisker'
and the name sake tip of white on the dorsal fin

Remorra are usually seen around larger predators .......such as sharks  but its not uncommon to have them ' adopt' a diver seen here. The fish has sucked  itself onto the dive tank and is hitching a ride

Mark swimming along totally unaware of the Remorra

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tony assisting our younger clients

We are lucky to have many family members joining us on our Dive boats...some diving and others snorkeling
IDC Staff Instructor Tony gives a helping hand.....or shoulders!!

Victoria Carnival is coming

2015 is the 5th Victoria Carnival and there are over 60 floats  in the street parade .
Banners and posters are all over town advertising the big event

This year we have floats from UK, India, Indonesia, China, Mauritius ,
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rio de Janeiro, and many floats from within Seychelles

         Getting all the decorations up has taken  a few weeks and
involved ' army's" of people .                        
The famous Clock Tower of Victoria

H.E.C. Paris students go diving

Berjaya Resort  had 50 students from the H.E.C. Paris university and we managed to persuade 20 of them to try SCUBA diving . We split the group into 10 each and the Instructors had lots of assistance form the new Divemaster trainees.
Dive group 1 before the dive
Dive group 2 after the dive 
As non certified divers we are able to give an
introduction to the theory of SCUBA, have a
short practical lesson to show all instruments,
play with the  inflate and deflate buttons and to practice  breathing from the regulator before the pool dive .
Once students are comfortable with all skills and equipment then we take the dive boat to a shallow reef and dive for 45 - 55 minutes .

Its great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves as you can see from the smiling faces!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Recompression Chamber for Seychelles

2 representatives from DAN South Africa  were asked to visit the Recompression chamber in Victoria Hospital  last week .
 Having just installed the new chamber and emergency treatment centre  the Ministyr of Health wnated it checked out by experts in the filed.
I am glad to report that DAN SA felt it was the most modern and well appointed chamber they had ever seem!!! 
 I am also glad to report that although the chamber is in use everyday it is NOT diving accidents but treatment for Diabetic poor leg circulation and burns.
It seems that recompression treatment aids in healing woulds and improving circulation.
double entry Recompression chamber in Victoria Hospital

Photos from Paul and Matt

Time for a few more underwater photos !!
Queen Angel  by Matt Flood

Sweet lips by Matt Flood

Face to face with a ray photo Paul Jennings

Paul's  ray full size

Monday, April 13, 2015

Meet the new Divemaster trainees

We are lucky to have 4 new Divemaster trainees enrolled on our  ' GO PRO' education internship

Edison came to Seychelles  from Australia to join in the  GVI  Conservation program  for 3 months before  starting his Divemaster training.

Avery has come from Canada

Jennifer has come from New Zealand and like the others has been doing the  GVI 3 month  conservation program.
Finally we have George who is from the UK and came early to complete his EFR, Rescue and is now  mastering the Divemaster training skills.
 So we have several months of  work to do and I am sure there will be many fun photos  to pass on !