Thursday, April 30, 2015

Underwater photos from Matt and Paul

Once again some images of the great dive sites and marine life we have ....the conditions  have been so perfect  these last few months that the dives are amazing.

We have been lucky to see many turtles...mostly Hawksbills as show to the right.  We also do get a few Greens turtles but on the inner islands they are not the most common sighting.

White tip sharks have also been a regular sighting ..............some free swimming but others happily resting under rock ledges .

Check out the small eyes, 5 gills, side of the mouth 'wisker'
and the name sake tip of white on the dorsal fin

Remorra are usually seen around larger predators .......such as sharks  but its not uncommon to have them ' adopt' a diver seen here. The fish has sucked  itself onto the dive tank and is hitching a ride

Mark swimming along totally unaware of the Remorra

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