Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wreck Diving in Seychelles- The Aldaberon

There's such a varity of diving oppertunities here in Seychelles.  Yes we are well known for the HUGE varity of reef fish corals and the bigger stuff; we also are able to offer you a wide range of Wreck dives.  Most of these wrecks have been sunk on purpose, creating a ranges of artifical reefs, and every one is different, these include: Twin barges, Dredger, Ennerdale, and now The Aldaberon.

Aldaberon bow with divers

She sits at 40 mt's on sand, and has become home to an amazing vairity of creatures, and it seems everything down there is just that little bit larger.

Schools of huge batfish  circle the wreck

Aldaberon has only been down for just over a year, yet there are more Moray Eels here on one place than anywhere I have seen before, they tend to pop out a surprise you when you least expect it! esspecially the Peppered Morey, these are big guys!

Stern of Aldaberon, surrounded by a huge school of Yellow Stripped Snapper

A fabulous dive, it can be a bit challenging, as there is always a little current, but everyone always comes back smiling

Blowing bubbles on the way up

Safety stop, time for a little reflection

Halloween comes to Seychelles

Well it's better late than never!
With the end of the Whale Shark season, and all the volunteers heading to new places in the world, we at the Underwater center felt it was time to celebrate... and it just happened to be Halloween.

The Under Water Centre Crew, and volunteers
A fun night had by all, with a huge barbeque, and some very dangerous cocktails.
Everyone got dressed up; some pretty inventive costumes to say the least, Thanks David and Glynis

Flying Instructor??        Cat lady, Lillian, and Kiera      Mervin the skipper...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mantas, Mantas... Everywhere!!!- by Tara from USA

What a day!!!!

Don't you just love this time of year here in Seychelles!! with the changing of the monsoons, you never quite know what's going to show up.
We started our morning with an early dive brief, heading out to complete twin tank dives.  First site was Sth Conception... a very busy morning there, with a number of White Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays gliding through and the awesome Giant Trevalies just hanging out up in the rock wash.  Very peaceful, and amazing vis!

Then we were off to Bay Ternay to complete out interval stop and it was onto Grouper Point, and check it out!!!

We dropped in , and were all ohhhing and ahhhing over a couple of White Tip Reef Sharks having a wee snooze, when the dive master looked up and there they were... Mantas.
We all just hung at 20 metres watching in amazement as these most beautiful creatures swum around and around our heads.  Estimates are that there were over 100 Mantas! and so very close

So what was meant to be a 50 min drift dive around the point ended up with us all settling on the sand for nearly 20 minutes just watching the antics and acrobatics of the Mantas.
Thanks everyone for making this a most memorable day, I will be talking about this for years to come, and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Fabulous German Couple

Another very busy week passes, and we had lots of couples out on holiday from Germany!
It seems it's the time to learn something new and Billie here certainly took advantage of the warm calm waters.

Billie, all decked out and ready to take her "PADI Open Water" exams 

Billie and her lovely partner, had a great week and both completed their Openwater PADI certification.  Tamara their instructor also spent some time teaching them about underwater conservation, and reef cleanup.

Thanks guys for diving with us, the photos are great, and we hope to see you again sometime soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's all about the diving... Well done Sue 200 dives!!!!!

Thanks Sue, we too had a great week diving with you.

A fabulous logbook@ 200 dives!

It's great to share a major milestone and 200 hundred dives is a real feat!  And what a place to complete that magic 200th dive "Shark Bank"

Dan, Dive master Sabrina, Sue and fab instructor Tony!

Shark Bank is always full of surprises, but it's extra special to come across the odd Whale shark on the way back to the beach, making for an extra special dive trip!

So many thanks Sue, keep up the diving, though I must say it's a little warmer here reather than Scotland!!, and we really look forward to seeing you out here again soon.