Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wreck Diving in Seychelles- The Aldaberon

There's such a varity of diving oppertunities here in Seychelles.  Yes we are well known for the HUGE varity of reef fish corals and the bigger stuff; we also are able to offer you a wide range of Wreck dives.  Most of these wrecks have been sunk on purpose, creating a ranges of artifical reefs, and every one is different, these include: Twin barges, Dredger, Ennerdale, and now The Aldaberon.

Aldaberon bow with divers

She sits at 40 mt's on sand, and has become home to an amazing vairity of creatures, and it seems everything down there is just that little bit larger.

Schools of huge batfish  circle the wreck

Aldaberon has only been down for just over a year, yet there are more Moray Eels here on one place than anywhere I have seen before, they tend to pop out a surprise you when you least expect it! esspecially the Peppered Morey, these are big guys!

Stern of Aldaberon, surrounded by a huge school of Yellow Stripped Snapper

A fabulous dive, it can be a bit challenging, as there is always a little current, but everyone always comes back smiling

Blowing bubbles on the way up

Safety stop, time for a little reflection

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