Sunday, July 28, 2013

Exam time !!

Our Divemasters are doing very well with their training and are already sitting exams...........a task no one likes!

Glad to say that everyone passed  bt as you can see concentration  was required

Everyone loves a night dive

We like to do night dives as often as possible . It is a dive situation  that you  can completely loose your self in . Just looking into the space of the torch light  and seeing the unusual night time creatures.

As we live on the equator the night falls early and very fast so we have to leave in twilight to be on site for the total darkness.

The Dive Centre is so close to the waters edge and looks WNW . The setting sun touches the left hand corner  of the dive deck at 18.30 every evening ( more or less )

This night dive was to the Twin Barges  with lots of lobsters, shrimps and Spanish Dancer  nudibranchs.

Excitement is high and fun is had by all

Friday, July 19, 2013

Buisy IDC Staff Instructor , Tony Marie -Jeanne

Sabrina has been on holiday  for 2 weeks and Tony has been holding down the fort / classroom!

IDC Staff Instructor , Tony
Along with his  band of 4 Divemaster trainees he has completed :
2 x EFR & First Aid classes
2 x Jr Openwater Diver courses
2 x Openwater Diver courses
1 x Advanced OW course
1 x Rescue course with one more to come next weekend!

He is a great educator and combines his  course training with Divemaster  continuing education  expereinces.
His 4 Divemasters are  Andy, Kyle and Pippa and local skipper/ divemaster trainee Andrew .

Now we are glad to add to the mix a new trainee Simon. So if you see yet another smiling face you will know who everyone is
new addition to the team, Simon

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loyal Dive Club member continues PADI training

 Mike has been a loyal diver with the Underwater Centre for many, many years .  He took his Openwater Diver  and Advanced Openwater Diver courses with us  when he first came to Seychelles.  After many dives over the last  few years  we are now about to do the next step in the PADI training course.

Glad to say that Mike passed with flying colours  the required Emergency First Responder and First Aid course  that is a pre requesite for the Rescue Diver training.
poor Annie waits patiently for CPR to begin. Not much can be done about the arm and leg amputations however!!
Once Mike  returns from travels we will be booking the Rescue Diver course .....a demanding course that many say is the best one they have ever done.
Tierd Diver towing can be done at least three different ways . As with all the Rescue course  perfecting techniques and knowing what works best for you the individual is what is we try lots of different ways to do the same thing!
This is the tank valve tow, or try the under arm push or grab your buddy by the fins and push him infront of you .............the Divemaster tow as its fast and works well..

Rescue breaths to divers in the water takes a bit of practice and again there are several ways to perform this. Ultimately using a CPR one way breathing mask is usually best as it helps with personal protection, makes for good seals around the victims mouth and nose  and only lets air in keeping water out!

New Divemaster trainees keep busy

IDC Staff Instructor Tony has been relentless with the education of our three new Divemaster trainees
Andy gives the pre afternoon boat snorkel trip briefing
Water stamina tests are completed,  in water skills demonstration evaluations all done! Theory and exams passed . So now its lots and lots of practical experience . They need to get as  many dives  as possible with certified divers, assisting the instructor with students in confined water  and openwater dives, assisting with all continuing education courses such as Advanced Openwater , Rescue and Specialty courses..
They will also be doing DEEP DIVER  and SEARCH & RECOVERY training plus all have experessed an interest in getting NITROX certified. .... a must for the IDC / IE they hope to take next year .

Kyle assists with 3 students of the  Discover SCUBA Diving 1 day intro course

Pippa assisting with Jr OW course

Pippa   ...?? is she coming or going ??

Views of the New Dive Centre

 We are finding the correct place to put all our belongings ! Here are a few photos.
Outside the dive deck equipment set up area

Sun protected Equipment benches looking out towards the beach

Shower and wash basins after a dive

Equipment room

Staff at work

New Equipment  Drying racks  made, painted and in place outside

Moving into the  new Dive Centre has meant a few unusual jobs have come up!

Skipper Mervin and Maratime Training student Fabian preparing sound proofiong floor covering for the compressor room . YES!!!  Mervin is perched on top of the fuel store!

New Divemasters qualify..congratulations

We are happy to say that 2 of our Divemasters have now qualified . Congratulations to you both !
Charlotte is already working as a Divemaster in Conservation work

Our second Divemaster is Dr Hau ''Jackie'' Zhang  currently working in Seychelles. As a keen underwater photographer  he loves to dive and although he will not work in the dive industry  he wanted to be qualified.  He makes a great dive buddy and if he offers to show you his dive photos  please do take a look ...they are amazing!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sights of Seychelles

View of Beau Vallon from Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel . Berjay Hotel and new DiveCentre are hidden in the tree line on the right. Less than a 5 minute walk .
We are so lucky to  live in paradise and it is time to look at a few scenic photos. ..we all love diving but some of the above water  stuff is amazing

Seychelles granitic rocks seem from above

Meet DENIS our family tortoise . At 25 years + he weights in excess of  120 kgs

Sunset at Beau Vallon beach
NW cost of Mahe to the left with Bay Ternay hidden behind the microlite steering bar .  Port Glaude  is the middle bay and Port Lurnay is to the right .All are Marine National Parks

New Divemaster trainees arrive

This week we  have had three new DiveMaster trainees start a 3 month internship.
IDC Staff Instructor Tony has been putting them through their paces with  both theory classes and water stamina test, Rescue tests and dives. Phew!  it can be exhausting having fun

welcome to Andy , Pippa and Kyle
Divemaster training starts with the basics and builds team its straingh into the Dive Centre  daily chores  that have to be done before clients arrive ..sweep, wash and set up .

Always there is sand!!

Study time and theory lessons helps trainees better understand the Role of the Divemaster
There is always a PADI DVD to watch for every course
Getting into the water is also allowed..............its not all classroom and  theory

Getting ready for the dives
We will follow our merry band of three as they progress through their training and dive experiences. Keep checking into the blog  on a regular basis for more updated details!

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Dive Centre opens

Some of you may remember the fire of last year  that totally destroyed the  origional Dive Centre. Well out of the ashes has finally risen the new Dive Centre

Firemen try their best but all is lost

Memories of that dreadful October morning

For 8 months we have worked out of the garden of Berjaya  having a  desk  for bookings and lots of  covered space for compressors and dive equipment.    We became so used to our new location   it was actually hard to make the needed  move to the new building!!  But  following lots of hard work from the staff of UNDERWATER CENTRE moving all the equipment, desks , tanks etcetc ..........  here are some photos of our new premises

The covered dive deck from sun and rain

More photos to follwo as we  finalise the setting up of the equipment room , compressor room, shop and reception area and post dive wash area.  We are running our 2 morning dives, 1 afternoon dive and lots of snorkelling trips, PADI courses are still underway  and new Divemaster trainees start this week

Farewell to Victoria and James

A 3 month Divemaster training course with internship may seem like a long time but only too soon we are saying ''goodbye ''

 James and Victoria completed their course last week and have great plans for the future.

James wishes to continue in the diving industry and will take his IDC IE in Bali before the end of the year . We hope he enjoys his course and finds  satisfying work around the world.  Victoria has other plans but still marine related. She will  shoot off to the Caribean  to complete her Masters Degree in Marine Biology .

So good luck to you both  and drop a line every now and then.  Bon Plongee.