Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loyal Dive Club member continues PADI training

 Mike has been a loyal diver with the Underwater Centre for many, many years .  He took his Openwater Diver  and Advanced Openwater Diver courses with us  when he first came to Seychelles.  After many dives over the last  few years  we are now about to do the next step in the PADI training course.

Glad to say that Mike passed with flying colours  the required Emergency First Responder and First Aid course  that is a pre requesite for the Rescue Diver training.
poor Annie waits patiently for CPR to begin. Not much can be done about the arm and leg amputations however!!
Once Mike  returns from travels we will be booking the Rescue Diver course .....a demanding course that many say is the best one they have ever done.
Tierd Diver towing can be done at least three different ways . As with all the Rescue course  perfecting techniques and knowing what works best for you the individual is what is we try lots of different ways to do the same thing!
This is the tank valve tow, or try the under arm push or grab your buddy by the fins and push him infront of you .............the Divemaster tow as its fast and works well..

Rescue breaths to divers in the water takes a bit of practice and again there are several ways to perform this. Ultimately using a CPR one way breathing mask is usually best as it helps with personal protection, makes for good seals around the victims mouth and nose  and only lets air in keeping water out!

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