Monday, April 18, 2016

Diving stops as Cyclone hits Farquar

Farquar is 600 miles south of Mahe but it has causes some rougher seas and our  current divers have decides to take the day off diving  ....tomorrow will be better and already this afternoon  the seas is looking calmer .

So on such a day there is always things to do...........such as preparing the sign for painting and new display signage.
New DMT's Nina , Scoob and Matt  attacking the sign board.  Next comes sanding , and white gloss painting before the new stickers arrive tomorrow

New Dive Master trainees already under way

We have our new bunch of Dive Master trainees with us over the last few weeks . Already they have been busy with a one week orientation and waterman ship  stamina practice sessions. Each afternoon was spent out on the dive boat getting familiar with as many of the reefs as possible.
Second week was shadowing our Dive masters on dives with certified divers , be a buddy with other certified divers and assisting / watching courses and continuing education training

BUT there is always classroom  sessions and sometimes you have to prepare your own classroom!!

the sun is just too strong to sit outside!!

How many helpers to carry a table ???

Classroom lessons about to get started

Andy may be in the teachers place but  this is Sabrina's class!

Dive Master trainees Oliver & Claire

2 Dive Master trainees, Oliver and Claire  joined us a few months ago  and will soon be completed their course and stay with us . As a final end to their  trip they will be going on a weeks cruise around the islands ...fabulous!!
DM Oli  with new Open water student divers Lorenz and Danny

Oli and Claire tickling a turtle

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dive Master trainee AAkash does well in future courses

I have been wanting to write to you since last week but was so busy I just couldn't get around to it.....I just wanted to let you know Aakash is doing so well ....he was in Mafia as planned for a month before our rainy season starts then also did the DAN courses as planned. I have attached his achievements so far for you to see. We feel the foundation and experience he got from underwater center during his 3months there was too good and as he moves ahead in his journey we realize it more and more. We continue to remain so pleased that we had sent him over to you. Please take a moment to see the attached and do give our regards to everyone there.

For now Aakash is still in south Africa he is returning this weekend then he has signed up for german speaking course here in Dar ( level 1 intensive course) and he will be leaving for ZANZIBAR to work on 31st may....

my very best regards to you and your team,

Gemini from Dar es salaam


Aakash stayed for a few months over Christmas 2015  doing Dive Master training  and internship

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kevin and Dean graduate from MTC

Both Kevin Brutus and Dean Henry are graduates for the Seychelles Maritime Academy and had their passing out ceremony last week.
 They both assist as :
 * Dive Center assistants keeping the place clean and tidy
* Compressor operators filing all your dive tanks
* Boat crew assistants helping divers into equipment
* Assisting skippers with boat operations

Graduation certificate

Kevin....newly graduated

Sunday, April 10, 2016

More photos from Carsten

hi, glynis.

maybe mike was looking so serious because he was the diver who missed the turtle!

enjoy sunday evening, i'm going to work.


Carsten has sent us a reality check photo of himself at work!!!  No wonder he misses the  white sand beach of Beau Vallon.              
                                                         Thanks for the lovely photos
baby white tip shark and cardinal fish
Eagle ray
Silver Jack Travallier
Lion and Scorpion fish
Morey eel

Carsten at work  in a very busy harbor


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Good morning Glynis,

A quick email to express my warmest thank you to you and your team. It was an amazing experience for me and Ludwig and I can assure you we are coming back at first opportunity. Sabrina, Ollie and all the stuff were so nice and relaxed but professional at the same time. An unforgettable start to our underwater adventures!

Thank you once again, see you soon


Ioannis Giannopoulos |Flight Instructor (H)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Carsten visits us again in 2016

hi, glynis (+ team)!

Carsten here. i'd like to say thank you again and give you all a big virtual hug for the great time i had with your dive-seychelles-team during the stay in march. i always felt well taken care off and enjoyed the great wonders of mother nature you guided me through.

attached you'll find some of the extraordinary lifeforms i met during our dives. really miss them already!

best regards and big, big thanks to the whole team.

hope to see you all again.



Banana Puffer fish
Blue coral grouper
Dive Master Mike looking serious.......most unusual!!
Hawksbill turtle .....missed by diver!!
Needle fish in shallow water
Porcupine puffer fish
Giant pump head parrot fish
Star fish
Thorny backed sting ray
white fan coral on twin barges wrecks
Zebra morel eel