Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thank you message from Karin & Wes

Karin and Wes visited us a few weeks ago and did a huge 20 dives each including the Advanced Open Water diver certification for Wes . It is always lovely to get such an email as shown below. Thanks guys!
Happy divers

Hi Glynis,

A big thank you to you and all the team for looking after us so well over the last couple of weeks.  We had such a great time with you all.

Enjoy the peace! Hoping to get to Egypt soon (foreign office permitting) to get Wes up to 50 dives so we can do our live aboard. His AOWD cert card arrived already so we're going to celebrate that one with a few beers!

Please send our love to all the team - we miss you guys!

Many thanks,

Karen & Wes

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

MTC get ready for water work

Having completed all 5 chapters of the Open Water diver manual, passed all Knowledge Reviews , tests and final exams  the students of he  Maritime Academy .are ready for water skills training. 
This starts with how to set up equipment
SCUBA equipment can seem very odd when first used but with practice it all comes together well
We needed to take the first Group Photo with everyone in wet suits ,masks and snorkels
11 very excited students for Instructors Tony, Sabrina and Dive Master trainees Ruby and Joanna 

Simple confined water training fro skills sections  1 and 2 is just off the beach in front of the Dive Centre, BERJAYA Resort
Water  deep enough to stand up in  starts the class A

Practicing breathing through the regulator  begins the training

Training begins again tomorrow with skills for chapters 3, 4 and 5 . If time is on our side there will be a boat dive later in the day.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

More Photos from Tom Chaplin 8th September 2016

Tom has send me photos for each day of diving 8th September  see below
Dad ,Mark with fusilier 

Bream ..bottom fish

Impressive Jelly fish !!.

More photos from Tom Chaplin

Here are photos from dives on 09-09-2016 .
Porcupine Puffer Fish

Eagle Ray

Star Fish

Deflated Porcupine Puffer fish

Red  Aquapora coral

Big Eye  with red coloring

Big Eye having changed color to silver 
Tom has sent some really great photos ......thanks Tom.

SEYCHELLES Maritime Acadamy come for PADI dive courses

 Every year we are pleased to train several students for Open Water and Advanced Open water diver certification.  This year , as normal starts with  classroom and the PADI DVD.
PADI Open Water DVD for Chapters 1, 2,and 3

Chapters 1, 2,  and 3 is a lot of concentration..but they all did well with the tests
 Each student must read the chapter , watch the relevant DVD and have theory overview  with  instructor for Knowledge Reviews and  chapter quizzes . Only if they get over 70% can they progress to the next chapter all students  will continue with Chapters 4 and final chapter 5 tomorrow, Monday 26th September and then start with the water skills training and sea dives

Good luck to all students!!

Calmer sea allow us to visit Longer Distance Dive Sites

We cant wait for the SE Trade Winds to settle so we can visit the longer distance dive sites more regularly . Luckily this week we managed Shark Bank ......always a favorite and the Conception Island  sites .
South Point of Conception  Island and the North Point Island Reef 
2 great dives  at Conception Island ....granitic boulders to the South Point and Coral Reef on the North Point .............fantastic morning dives ( 9am till 1pm)  !!

260 dives today ..September 24th

Today we have Beat do his 260th dive...........that's a lot of dives!!  Well done Beat  
Mile stone 260 dives today 24-09-2016

Happy Birthday Steve

Steve arrived in Seychelles just before his birthday and  booked the 2 morning  dives on his SPECIAL Day......great way to start the birthday!!!
Best   returns for a Happy Birthday
 It seems the family had other special   activities  arranged so a good day had by all!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Photos from Manpreet and Ashley

 It would seem that we have had several  keen diving photographers just lately and I have asked them to send in their photos for you all to see . This sample is from Manpreet and Ashley.
Manpreet and Ashley after doing many dives !
Puffer Fish under table coral

Yellow Snappers

Green Turtle


Indian Ocean Walkman..can you find him?
Look closer!!

Thanks guys ...................they are  truly great!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Photos from Tom and Mark Chaplin

 Father Mark and son Tom  have just been on a diving holiday and  have completed  many dives
Both carried cameras on every dive and have collected  some  wonderful shots .
The Chaplin family

 As they are happy to share them with everyone I  will be showing a few on a regular basis over the next few weeks .
 First Dives were on 8th September
Blue Angel Fish

Flute mouth pipe fish with Mark in the back ground . Twin Barges wreck

Geometric Moray Eel 

Fluorescent coral

Pompano  Jack

Common Lion Fish

Tube Worm
  Many thanks Tom for this selection !!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A ' Thank you' email from the Sale family

Hi Glynnis
Hope you and your husband are well. Thank you for looking after us so well on our recent visit to the Seychelles. We really enjoyed our dives with you and your team. The boys and I are diving of Swanage this weekend, I want to show them what real diving is. I'm not sure they are looking forward to it or not.
Hopefully we'll be back sometime next year and will see you then
thanks again
  chris, philippa, oli and toby Sale