Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Keeping busy on rainy days

 There is always something to do in a Dive Resort ....... things that don't get done for too long !! .
Keeping bust on rainy days
Checking snorkel  integrity in the pool ..all 19 snorkels checkout OK

Work experience from French Internatonal School

We love when young people ask to do work experience with us .usually they are already our Jr OW Divers  and want to know more about how a Dive Resort works
Jr OW diver Olga
Olga joins us for 1 week and has already experience:
*  Hydro static tank testing at Seychelles Bureau of Standards.........visual tank testing is every year and hydro static testing every 4 years  on each and all of our  160 tanks!!
* Pool skills refreshing session and AOW compass practice for her next course
* insisting boat skipper for the morning  2 dives ...........came back a bit sun burnt!!
* compressor operations with DMT Nicole
All this in 2 days so lets see what the rest of the week brings

meet more of the staff

We  have a few more photos for you  of our present staff 
New Instructor DARIUS

Nickman .....skipper and Rescue diver / underwater guide

December to March is the rainy season!!

During the NW Trade Wind season from December to early March it is known as the RAINY SEASON . However Sunday 29-01-2018 was a super rainy day
NO diving or snorkeling was done this day!!
A rainy day in paradise
As usual with this changeable season we have had a sunny day today and calm seas !!  Still no snorkeling yet but diving has recommenced

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mornings at the Dive Cente on 28-01-2018

Low season  is with us but today we have 6 morning divers . Today's dives were Grouper Point and Rays Point .Both  are granitic rock sites with lots of marine life.
Morning divers from 9am check in till 1pm return after doing 2 different dive sites
We also had 2 students who started their PADI  Open Water course today ..............always with the PADI  DVD. theory and quizzes !!!
The girls did really well on their theory .100% and 90% on each test!! Tomorrow is water skills in the pool

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Low Season painting is getting completed

 Post the Festive Season  Seychelles usually has a very low season.  We find that this is OK  as it lets us get holiday breaks and do maintenance and painting around the Dive Centre
 Today the Reception area of the Dive Centre was completed ..........fleshly painted walls, yellow lockers, regulator  storage boards, mask storage boats ....all looking clean and tidy

Meet some of the staff

Mike Esperon has been with the Underwater Centre a long time  He has 20 years  experience with the company  and is our Senior Dive Master and boat Skipper
Mike with one of his big smiles
Dean started with us as a work attachment student  from the Seychelles Maritime Academy . He has been with us 2 years and it ready to take his 10 miles skippers license next month . Good luck Dean!!

Trainee Skipper Dean

Friday, January 26, 2018

unusual creatures on our Dives

 When diving we expect the usual fish ..butterflies , angel fish,, grouper , etc but we often see the unusual stuff as well
Carpet lobster
Whip coral gobby
Bulldozer shrimp
Cone Shell laying egg trail

new Dive Master trainees

Sean Herron from USA speaking English
We have regular Dive Master training courses with Internship . Say ' Hello' to our new guys who are most keen to assist you  during your stay . 
Nicole Suggewe for the UK speaking English
David Chang form the USA speaking English and Chinese
This course is due to run form mid December to Mid March  to include all the required PADI course training and lots of extra practice and dives

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Views from the dive boat

The granitic rock formations tumbling down into the sea are very spectacular ....see a few  below:
Grouper Point  at the usual anchorage to start the  dive
Passing Willy's Bay ...gigantic rocks  make great underwater dive sites 

Views of some of our Dive Site from the air

Seychelles is such a beautiful place  and seeing it from the air is amazing .  Many of the Dive Sites are short distance sites along the coastal region so take a look at a few here.
View of Bay Ternay Marine Park , Grouper Point , Rays point  and looking back towards Beau Vallon
Underwater granitic rock formations are many of our Dive Sites . Close to shore is Whale Rock  and the long finger shaped rock farther out   is Horseshoe Rock

Sunday, January 14, 2018

the web site is active again!!

We have been having endless problems with our local  Cable & Wireless web site provider . Some times the web site is UP and then DOWN again very soon after . It has been like this for several months but today it is back UP so long may it last . Keep checking and let me know  as soon as you see another problem .......many thanks !!

Re starting the blog for 2018

It has been too long since we posted onto the blog .....so lets start with a
HAPPY NEW YEAR  for 2018 . We wish everyone a healthy , happy  year ahead . Thank you to all the divers and snorkelers that visited with us in 2017 and hopefully we will see a few of the familiar faces again this 2018