Saturday, May 29, 2010

Congratulations to all out students for May 2010

It is the end of the month and time to congratulate all of our students who have all worked so hard !!

Scuba Diver: Gustavo Manso, Kevin Franks, Susanne Boretsky,

Openwater Diver: Christopher Gummo, Benjamin Nelson II, Suzanne Krauss, Paul Prokopovich, Mylene Gallaud,  Daniel Holzinger,  Kevin Franks, Gustavo Manso

Advanced Openwater Diver: Tracy Young, Thomas Conley,  Marjorie Odier,

Emergency First Responder: Hernan Borja, Thomas Conley,  Jared Beck,

Rescue Diver: Elizabeth Harris,  Michael Muller, Tai Higgo,  Alex Filous, Iona McDonald, Lee Cassidy Jarron Cole

Enriched Air Nitrox Pedro M Pires da Cruz, Christina Sundelin, Charlotte Pryor, Norbert Purcell,

Deep Diver: Edward Bridge, Christina Sundelin,Seppo Nurmi, Thomas Conley

Wreck Diver Thomas  Conley,  Edward Bridge,  Peter Clark, Christina Sundelin, Seppo Nurmi

PADI Project Aware: Christina Sundelin,

Boat Diver: Christina Sundelin,

Digital Underwater Photographer : Christina Sundelin,

Master Scuba Diver : Christina Sundelin, Seppo Nurmi

Divemaster Discover Scuba Diver Leadership : Charlotte Pryor

Master Scuba Diver Trainer: Sabrina Didon

End of Divemaster Internship is coming soon!

Our 3 Divemasters, Charlotte, Edward and  Christina are leaving us soon and its been a busy time for all 3!!

Congratulations to Charlotte for completing her Divemaster Leadership program and she is now able to teach DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING courses . She has been doing very well with lots of compliments coming from satisfied clients.

Before she leaves , Charlotte will also  have completed several specialty courses to include Nitrox and Diver Propulsion Vehicle . .... so no surprise she is smilling .  Instructors Tony  and Sabrina  are very happy  as well as they are  in demand  for all the 14 specialties that they can now teach
Congratulations to Edward who seems to have found a neich in assisting with childrens courses as seen by the big smiles of our latest PADI SEAL Team student Amalia . He is also underway with several specialty  courses that have included the deeper wreck of the Aldaberan  at 40 meters
Congratulations to Stina who has left  Seychelles as a Divemaster and Master SCUBA Diver with her 6 specialties . As a parting  surprise we have a visit from the Swedish Navy so dive briefings were all in Swedish for these special boat dives.  Stinas leaving party  was a simple but fun affair...........a Seychelles Turtle  farewell ''card'', balloons and lots of cake!!.  Bye Bye, Stina  and  safe diving .

Stina and Dive Centre team &.Swedish Navy dive group


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SHARK BANK.............always a great dive!!

SHARK BANK.............always a great dive!! even  though you rarely  see sharks .

What is often seen are eagle rays , large sting rays that allow you to get up close and personal . Photos of  eyes and breathing holes  are so detailed .Unusual sightsings of mixed species  of rays really makes for fantastic photos. Some of the eagle rays shoals can have over 20 rays. some of the large sting rays are estimated to be over 3 meters across.........absolutely huge!!

 Just look at some of the  photos of our Rays .  Enjoy.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Congratulations to our new DIVEMASTERS

Congratulations to our new DIVEMASTERS Charlotte Pryor and Edward Bridge . Both joined us on 19th March, 2010 and have   worked hard at passing all theory exams with total scores over 90%.

Practical application  of this theory is done in several different areas giving Divemaster Trainees experience in both Confined and Openwater  with students plus continuing education courses that include Advanced Openwater Diver, Rescue Diver or Specialty  dives as well as guiding certified divers on our boat dives

Instructor Sabrina Dodin  is the  educational  mentor for both Charlotte and Edward 

The  third section to training is Watermanship and Stamina   that includes swimming, snorkelling, floating,  20 dive skills, Rescue evaluations to include assembling Emergency Action Plans and  completing inwater stress tests , mapmaking,  delivering quality pre Dive Briefs and Boat Safety Briefs..................and of course having as much fun and laughter as possible along the way!

So well done enjoy  the Internship and gain as much practical experince  as   possible !!
Divemasters Edward and Christina with boat skipper Mervin


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Special wedding day couple Melita & Goran

 Special wedding day couple Melita & Goran  decided to do the morning  twin tank dive  from 09.30 till 13.30 on 4th May , 2010 ..the same day they  had planned  their wedding !!   Seychelles is very popular for couples  wishing to have  a tropical wedding  but I dont think we have ever had such a relaxed couple !!!. The dive boats left for  Grouper Point  and Bay Ternay Marine Park and true to schedule did not return till 13.30

                                                                           With only 2 hours left before the  ceremony  at 15.30  they certainly did a  fast change  from wet suit , mask and fins  to white   outfits and flowers.
All the staff at Underwater Centre wish them a very  long life  full of joy , happiness  and lots of great dives in the future .


 The 4th of May was a big day for Stina!!  As a Divemaster  intern she has been getting lots of practice  both assisting PADI Instructors teaching  PADI courses and  escorting  dives for certified divers.  But the  4th May , 2010 was a big day for her  in more ways than one!

Happy Birthday Christina from all at Underwater Centre ...........but special day or not there is always lots of work to do  and time to experiment with '' how many tanks can I carry in one go??''

So dont try this at home , folks!!!  its not as easy as she makes out!!        We estimate Stina carried 40Kgs on this trip and still she smiled.................... hopefully the boat skipper won' t think of any more special birthday  activities   to be done .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Congratulations for April 2010

Congratulations to all our students ..............well done!!!

PADI Seal & Master Seal Team: Marco Garcia

Scuba Diver: Christophe Cousin, Fraser Downer,

Junior Openwater: Aaron Mohnes
Openwater   Divers:  Peter Clark,Nathan Tuke,Morgan Lonergan,Benjamin Stitt, Mathew Steed,  Mary Steed,Erick Chen, Xiao Song Zhang,  Sam Mullane, Josh Scanlon, Andrew White, Robin Cleave, Nathan Street, Thomas Wilson, Michael Hudson, Stephen Britton, Scott Baker, Mark Dungey, Andrew Stewart, Paul Thomas, Phillip Mountstephens,

Advanced Diver: John Ellis- Martin, Dan Bartlett , Benjamin Jackson-Buttle, Peter Clark,

EFR Primary & Secondary Care:Natacha Ardouin, Randolphe Dupont,  Helmut Von Michaelis ,Claire Knight

EFR Care for Children: Basil Larue

Rescue Diver: Simon Brooks, Melanie Scott, Bo Gonggryp, Nicholas Baechtiger, Molly Gorman,

Search & Recovery:  Nicholas Heywood

Peak Performance Buoyancy: Claire Knight