Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of Divemaster Internship is coming soon!

Our 3 Divemasters, Charlotte, Edward and  Christina are leaving us soon and its been a busy time for all 3!!

Congratulations to Charlotte for completing her Divemaster Leadership program and she is now able to teach DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING courses . She has been doing very well with lots of compliments coming from satisfied clients.

Before she leaves , Charlotte will also  have completed several specialty courses to include Nitrox and Diver Propulsion Vehicle . .... so no surprise she is smilling .  Instructors Tony  and Sabrina  are very happy  as well as they are  in demand  for all the 14 specialties that they can now teach
Congratulations to Edward who seems to have found a neich in assisting with childrens courses as seen by the big smiles of our latest PADI SEAL Team student Amalia . He is also underway with several specialty  courses that have included the deeper wreck of the Aldaberan  at 40 meters
Congratulations to Stina who has left  Seychelles as a Divemaster and Master SCUBA Diver with her 6 specialties . As a parting  surprise we have a visit from the Swedish Navy so dive briefings were all in Swedish for these special boat dives.  Stinas leaving party  was a simple but fun affair...........a Seychelles Turtle  farewell ''card'', balloons and lots of cake!!.  Bye Bye, Stina  and  safe diving .

Stina and Dive Centre team &.Swedish Navy dive group


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