Thursday, April 30, 2015

Underwater photos from Matt and Paul

Once again some images of the great dive sites and marine life we have ....the conditions  have been so perfect  these last few months that the dives are amazing.

We have been lucky to see many turtles...mostly Hawksbills as show to the right.  We also do get a few Greens turtles but on the inner islands they are not the most common sighting.

White tip sharks have also been a regular sighting ..............some free swimming but others happily resting under rock ledges .

Check out the small eyes, 5 gills, side of the mouth 'wisker'
and the name sake tip of white on the dorsal fin

Remorra are usually seen around larger predators .......such as sharks  but its not uncommon to have them ' adopt' a diver seen here. The fish has sucked  itself onto the dive tank and is hitching a ride

Mark swimming along totally unaware of the Remorra

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tony assisting our younger clients

We are lucky to have many family members joining us on our Dive boats...some diving and others snorkeling
IDC Staff Instructor Tony gives a helping hand.....or shoulders!!

Victoria Carnival is coming

2015 is the 5th Victoria Carnival and there are over 60 floats  in the street parade .
Banners and posters are all over town advertising the big event

This year we have floats from UK, India, Indonesia, China, Mauritius ,
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rio de Janeiro, and many floats from within Seychelles

         Getting all the decorations up has taken  a few weeks and
involved ' army's" of people .                        
The famous Clock Tower of Victoria

H.E.C. Paris students go diving

Berjaya Resort  had 50 students from the H.E.C. Paris university and we managed to persuade 20 of them to try SCUBA diving . We split the group into 10 each and the Instructors had lots of assistance form the new Divemaster trainees.
Dive group 1 before the dive
Dive group 2 after the dive 
As non certified divers we are able to give an
introduction to the theory of SCUBA, have a
short practical lesson to show all instruments,
play with the  inflate and deflate buttons and to practice  breathing from the regulator before the pool dive .
Once students are comfortable with all skills and equipment then we take the dive boat to a shallow reef and dive for 45 - 55 minutes .

Its great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves as you can see from the smiling faces!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Recompression Chamber for Seychelles

2 representatives from DAN South Africa  were asked to visit the Recompression chamber in Victoria Hospital  last week .
 Having just installed the new chamber and emergency treatment centre  the Ministyr of Health wnated it checked out by experts in the filed.
I am glad to report that DAN SA felt it was the most modern and well appointed chamber they had ever seem!!! 
 I am also glad to report that although the chamber is in use everyday it is NOT diving accidents but treatment for Diabetic poor leg circulation and burns.
It seems that recompression treatment aids in healing woulds and improving circulation.
double entry Recompression chamber in Victoria Hospital

Photos from Paul and Matt

Time for a few more underwater photos !!
Queen Angel  by Matt Flood

Sweet lips by Matt Flood

Face to face with a ray photo Paul Jennings

Paul's  ray full size

Monday, April 13, 2015

Meet the new Divemaster trainees

We are lucky to have 4 new Divemaster trainees enrolled on our  ' GO PRO' education internship

Edison came to Seychelles  from Australia to join in the  GVI  Conservation program  for 3 months before  starting his Divemaster training.

Avery has come from Canada

Jennifer has come from New Zealand and like the others has been doing the  GVI 3 month  conservation program.
Finally we have George who is from the UK and came early to complete his EFR, Rescue and is now  mastering the Divemaster training skills.
 So we have several months of  work to do and I am sure there will be many fun photos  to pass on !

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bubble Makers graduate

End of the school term approaches and the Easter holidays are about to begin so our class of young Bubble Makers did their last dive session with us on Friday 20th March .
On the way to Bay Ternay Marine Park

A very happy Liliey  after her shallow dive surrounded by black and white stripped  Sergeant  Major fish.

Graduation  Day is Divemaster Mike giving out  a completion certificate   to Liliey
Liliey gets certificate from Mike

On the surface after the dive

Liza and Sebastian receive certificates from Divemaster Yannick

Friday, March 27, 2015

Underwater photos from Matt and Paul

Octopus  taken by Paul
As I said the boys sent us lots of photos so here we go again!!
Marbel Ray M Flood

Octopus are always fun and this one was hiding form Paul Jennings ...........note the white colour  telling quite clearly that " I see you and I'm unhappy about it" . Also note the one big eye that never leaves  sight of the camera man !!

We are so lucky to get lots of different rays in our waters and  its always great to see a large Marbel Ray resting on the bottom .
 Its OK to get reasonably close ..........just stay away from the back end were the tail and spike is . NEVER swim  on top  / over a ray just in case the tail is raised the photo stay in front and don't touch . Just have a really good look .

YES this is one of the rock alleys at Shark Bank just has to be !!
Single file traffic of sting rays .. an amazing sight and a wonderful photo . Thanks  Matt

These natural rock formations act as safe haven and right of passage  for larger pelagic  fish  such as these rays,  passing or resting sharks and some big Parrot fish groups

Just in case you forget who  the UK Dive group were check them out with the staff going left to right:
Birthday girl Jenny, Paul without camera, Instructor Sabrina in the grips of Matt behind, Matt Flood and DM Mike  in red, DM's Lauren and Yannick hiding behind, and last on the right both DM 's Aless and Mette .
Sad to say good bye  to both the group and the Divemaster girls  as they move on to other careers ,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I love Seychelles campain

All over town there are large and small posters with the 2015 message of '' I LOVE SEYCHELLES'

Posters are written in English " I Love Seychelles" , French " J'aime les Seychelles" and Creole " Mon Kontan  Sesel " showing scenes of beautiful beaches and the famous Seychelles granitic rock formations . Find this one on the main road just outside of the Emirates Office .

Surprising was to find one poster outside the post office showing Lillian , our Instructor on a dive  to Shark Bank surrounded by the Yellow snapper ..........always a great photo shot . Although an old photo its just  as good today

As I find more posters  I'll  let you see them!!  There are dozens around .

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Repair work never ends!

Berjaya Resort maintenance department  are always  busy but last week they found time to repair the showers with new heads and wooden frames .
We are lucky to have 2 fresh water showers at the back of the wash tubs  so no need to form a line!

The lower section of the dive centre  is for the after  dive disassemble of equipment, washing and hanging up to dry all BCD's and wetsuits and washing off the salt.

Drying racks for drip  drying.

Divers departing for morning dives

We are so lucky to be able to back the Dive Boats onto the shore line and for divers just to walk from the Dive Centre to the boats .
Reef Diver HC 239 ready for depature
The ladder is to the back on the left hand side of the boat . NEVER climb up the ladder with equipment on but do the DEEP WATER exit procedure of  handing up tot he skipper / assistant the weight belt first, tank and BCD combo next and last the  fins to keep the mask around your neck so as not to drop  it!...its amazing how it can happen .

Bubble makers hit the water

Our class of  weekly  SCUBA Bubble makers  is coming along really well with a trip to the Bay  Ternay Marine Park ..although only in 1 1/2 to 2 meters of water they saw a turtle, reef fish and octopus!!
They were delighted

National Geographic Film crew arrive

The Yellow Square everyone knows!!
It has been a few days  of exceptional diving and we were glad to show the National Geographic film crew some of our best sites.
Filming for a new TV series they are looking at  the best of sites both on Mahe plus the outer islands and Aldabra

Jose Anibas, Neil Gelira, Manu San Felix ....the 3 man film crew 
Tony and Yannick lead the  expeditions to the long range sites of Shark Bank, Brissaire Rocks and Dragons
Teeth,plus trips with  the Seychelles National Parks rangers to Marine Park sites . Although we have not seen the footage yet  below are some of our latest photos of these great sites
Yellow snapper at Shark Bank........... M Flood    

The series is Pristine Oceans  .......cant wait to see it on TV.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Underwater photos from Matt and Paul

They boys sent us a lot of photos and I want to share them with you  so here is a second batch :
Eagle Ray by Matt Flood

Hawksbill turtle ....Matt Flood
L'Ilot Island from water level..........Matt Flood

Nudibranch..........Paul Jennings

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Picture the 3 islands viewed from the Dive Centre

Having a Dive Centre directly on the beach means that we get to look out over the sea every day.........and just out
Shilouette Isalnd
side  on the horizon there are 3 islands :

The biggest is Shillouette Island were you can stay in the Labriz Hilton Hotel and Spa. The hotel ferry takes about 35 minutes to cross from Mahe . The Island is owned by Seychelles Island Development .

North Island

Just next door is North Island made famous by the
glamorous people that stay there...most notable lately being Prince William and his new wife Kate  during their honeymoon . Private island and hotel guests only.

L'Ilot Island

Last island out in the bay is L'Ilot Island to the north of Mahe. This is a regular short distance boat dive. with the rocks going down to 18 suitable for both Openwater and Advanced divers .
The trip takes only about 15 minutes with our fast boats . Due to its position  there can sometimes be current between the island and the main land to the right of the picture ....but this is were you find the fan corals  .

Tierd Divemaster Mengbo

It has been Chinese New Year  and Mongbo has been  busy in his other life with the local tour operator company taking  lots of visitors around Mahe .. on a day off he comes to the Dive Centre to dive and enjoy and relax underwater!! But after 2 morning dives he did need to take a nap!!

Just woke up in time!!

Photos from our UK Dive Group

Bat Fish .photo by Paul Jennings
It was wonderful seeing the guys from the UK  after so many years ........and the weather and sea conditions were outstanding !  So we managed lots of  dives to both short and long distance dive sites with amazing photo results. . So lets share them over several blog posts!
Brissaire Rocks , Tony and  Yellow Snapper by Paul 
Lion Fish by Matt Flood
Hard corals over Seychelles granitic rocks with hidden Cromis fish by P Jennings
Sea Cucumber ..front end. Photo by P Jennings
Granitic Rock site , corals and diver . Photo by P Jennings
I hope you enjoy the images................lots more to come..........Thank you boys for sending them to us