Wednesday, April 29, 2015

H.E.C. Paris students go diving

Berjaya Resort  had 50 students from the H.E.C. Paris university and we managed to persuade 20 of them to try SCUBA diving . We split the group into 10 each and the Instructors had lots of assistance form the new Divemaster trainees.
Dive group 1 before the dive
Dive group 2 after the dive 
As non certified divers we are able to give an
introduction to the theory of SCUBA, have a
short practical lesson to show all instruments,
play with the  inflate and deflate buttons and to practice  breathing from the regulator before the pool dive .
Once students are comfortable with all skills and equipment then we take the dive boat to a shallow reef and dive for 45 - 55 minutes .

Its great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves as you can see from the smiling faces!!!

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