Saturday, January 31, 2015

A walk on Beau Vallon Beach on 31-01-2015

When it is quiet in the  Dive Centre  taking a walk on Beau Vallon Bay Beach is good for the sole  and this is what I did today. This time I decided to take my camera with me and to share with you the views of the beach during the on shore winds of the NW trade  wind season

Beau Vallon Beach looking south
When you walk onto the beach from the Dive Cente and look left this is the view you get ....lovely white sands and Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel  nestled in the corner south pocket of the beach

As you walk along the beach this is the  signs you will see  that tell you we are here.
Just walk in the gate  past the big tree and we are on the right

On the walk today we had local fishermen with the traditional old   style of fishing in a pirogue . The catch today  was minimal  so a lot of effort for a poor reward. But they usually try  most days so if visiting us you will get a chance to witness them in action

Beau Vallon Beach is a long walk .............takes about 20 minutes  to do one length. When you get to the north point the view backwards is to Le Meridien Hotel . On low tide you can wander around the rocks at the  north edge . The rocks are a fantastic photo opportunity .

End of the beach and looking north 

Trip to Aldabaran wreck

Hans sent an email requesting a dive on the Aldabaran Wreck during his next short visit we went last Thursday and it was great.  A bit choppy on the surface but underwater it was calm  sailing!!!

Sunk as an artificial reef in 2000 it has now got a lot of growth and fish life is abundant. Although a deep dive with 35 - 30 meters along the deck  its well worth a visit . The sand is 40 meters but  you don't have to go that  deep you save yourself lots of bottom time!!
View from the stern

View of the deck

Friday, January 30, 2015

Meet the pets

Our Amazonian Parrot , BOOBY was ' gifted' to us over 25 years ago with the phrase ...
" she has lots of personality but can be noisy at times' .!!!!!  Little did we know just how noisy a parrot can be !.  However we love her to bits  and thought you might like to meet her.
She is very fond of everything that's not good for her ...just like the junk food for the rest of us .
Crackers are her favorite  and keep her quiet whilst we make the evening meal!

Booby in the kitchen perched on top of the washing machine ..isn't she chute ?

New Engines for the boat

We have just invested in  2 new  140 hp Susuki outboard engines and the  installment has now been completed.
Following  sea trials  after launching from the boat yard she is now  underway with the required 10 hours gentle 'BREAKING  IN ' period to ensure engines work at the best performance

So maybe next week we  will be using if you are diving with us  watch out!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Divemaster tutorial

Divemaster theory is progressing well with Exam 1 already done and dusted . Exam 2 comes after the BIG chapter 9 theory session.  During this time we do tutorial classes were we discuss different ways of completing various tasks and letting students give their ideas on how to handle situations both above and underwater . As 2 dives and 2 divers are never the same its always best to have a variety of ideas and solutions to  problems  stored away in our memories  for the  'Just In Case ' moments.

PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer Sabrina going over physiology, physics and the relation to diving
Note the smiles .......its not as bad as it sounds !

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet the new Divemaster trainees

We are lucky to have a regular  intake of  Divemaster trainees and  currently have 4 lovely girls staying till mid March 2015., Already they have done most theory  and exam and lots of practical experiences both in the pool and sea.

Mette has come from Denmark and speaks Danish and does well with other Scandinavian languages ( Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian ) as well as fluent English.

She is part of the conservation group who study coral surveys and fish ID for 3 months  before coming to do the Rescue  and Divemaster training with us.

She always has a  big smile when she greets you .

Lauren comes from England  with a background  history as a busy PA. Again she has done  3 months studying conservation work before coming to us and having completed her Rescue  is progressing very well with the DM  training. She speaks English, Italian and French  wish is a great  advantage  for any dive professional and we are really luck to have her  with us .

Aless is from England. Speaks English and French and has also done the 3 months conservation work so understands corals and fish ID.

The role of the Divemaster is to anticipate divers needs and Aless will be by your side to do just this. Attentive, caring and supportive at all times

Dorothy is from New York city with a background in promotions and advertising...good news for us!! She has also completed the 3 months coral reef and fish conservation program with the other girls .

She speaks English ( and Latin for those scholars  who like to dive!).  Full of energy  and a desire to please this young lady is wiling to assist you from the moment you arrive till the second you depart . Her enthusiasm continues underwater and she is a great buddy.............just tell her what you need .

The girls are with us till mid March so if you are visiting us before then look out for them

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January view of the west coast of Mahe

January is the wet season and we do get  cloudy skies and Trade Wind rains . When driving over the mountains  this was the view of the west coast and our  dive sites of  Therese Island and Conception Island south point .

Cloudy but still very beautiful

Tony the DUCK and Sabrina the PEACOCK

Just in case you don't know who your Dive Leader is you can always follow the head gear!!!

Rubber underwater head gear makes for easy recognition of the Dive Leader
All just a bit of fun....... and we believe diving should be fun  both above and below water

WHALE SHARK seen at L'Ilot

Whale Shark migration is an annual event in Seychelles waters usually anytime from June to December with the primary research  activity being September and October . Outside of these 2 months it is just good luck to see one on a dive. ............ and that is just what happened on a dive to L'Ilot island in the north of Beau Vallon Bay

Photo sent by Audrey Phillips who wrote 'a picture of the whale shark we saw on that amazing dive'

Our newly graduated Divemaster class

We run regular Divemaster training courses with internship and wish to congratulate the below students who have just completed  their training

Mengbo is from mainland China and works with a local tour company . He has fallen in love with SCUBA diving and has gone all the way from Openwater Diver to Divemaster  in 18 months .....of course working at his courses on his days off only!

He is fluent in Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese and English plus he has a degree in physical education from an Australian university

Robert Page is from England and now settled in Seychelles with a beautiful Seychellois wife and baby girl . He is a very practical man and  is busy building a new house and home for his family.
Rob also took up SCUBA diving last year and after obtaining his Openwater certification decide to carry on and do the complete training to Divemaster.

He speaks English and is trying to learn some Creole and French

Emily came all the  way from Australia to complete her Divemaster training and 3 month internship  with us.  She has  now left us during the first week of January and headed home via a long stay in Thailand. This girl likes to travel!

We wish her well on her various trips and dive adventures.

Megan came all the way from San Diago, America to do a 3 month conservation program  before coming to us for her Rescue and Divemaster training. She left in January to assist with the conservation group for another month before heading home again.

Zoe comes from the UK and also did the 3 months with the conservation group learning coral surveys and fish ID ........ideal knowledge for a Divemaster.
Now back in the UK I hope its not too cold with the snow and ice ?

Last but no means least are TESS, CHRISTIAN  and TOM.....................sorry guys but I cant find a photo anywhere!! How strange is that?

  All the staff at Underwater Centre want to wish all 8 of you all the very best for 2015  and hope that you find lots of wonderful diving around the world.

MIchael and Sabrina after the dive

This photo was taken by one of our divers and shows Divemaster/ Skipper Michael and Instructor/ Divemaster Sabrina clearing out the boats  after the dive.............

You will find Sabrina is always laughing....even underwater!  Michael has a wonderful smile and a wicked sense of humor!!!  You will  have lots of fun with this pair.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Year staff party

                     End of year celebrations and best wishes from the staff of Underwater Centre

                                                       HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!

                                        May 2015 make us all healthy , wealthy and wise

Our Christmas Satff party

  Every year we have the staff party on  the late afternoon of 24th December  then its off to the various families, parties and celebrations . See below the staff having fun:

                                     Senior Divemaster Michael ..........always fun to be with

                                  Tony IDC Staff Instructor ...............the best snowman in Seychelles
                                              Emily.................our latest Divemaster graduate                

After the Christmas eve dive .Dominique from Maritime Training College , Instructors Tony and Sabrina

Merry Christmas in Seychelles

Seychelles has been celebrating the Festive Season with lots of lights and trees. See below a selection of photos from the main city of Victoria: