Saturday, January 31, 2015

A walk on Beau Vallon Beach on 31-01-2015

When it is quiet in the  Dive Centre  taking a walk on Beau Vallon Bay Beach is good for the sole  and this is what I did today. This time I decided to take my camera with me and to share with you the views of the beach during the on shore winds of the NW trade  wind season

Beau Vallon Beach looking south
When you walk onto the beach from the Dive Cente and look left this is the view you get ....lovely white sands and Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel  nestled in the corner south pocket of the beach

As you walk along the beach this is the  signs you will see  that tell you we are here.
Just walk in the gate  past the big tree and we are on the right

On the walk today we had local fishermen with the traditional old   style of fishing in a pirogue . The catch today  was minimal  so a lot of effort for a poor reward. But they usually try  most days so if visiting us you will get a chance to witness them in action

Beau Vallon Beach is a long walk .............takes about 20 minutes  to do one length. When you get to the north point the view backwards is to Le Meridien Hotel . On low tide you can wander around the rocks at the  north edge . The rocks are a fantastic photo opportunity .

End of the beach and looking north 

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