Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National Geographic Film crew arrive

The Yellow Square everyone knows!!
It has been a few days  of exceptional diving and we were glad to show the National Geographic film crew some of our best sites.
Filming for a new TV series they are looking at  the best of sites both on Mahe plus the outer islands and Aldabra

Jose Anibas, Neil Gelira, Manu San Felix ....the 3 man film crew 
Tony and Yannick lead the  expeditions to the long range sites of Shark Bank, Brissaire Rocks and Dragons
Teeth,plus trips with  the Seychelles National Parks rangers to Marine Park sites . Although we have not seen the footage yet  below are some of our latest photos of these great sites
Yellow snapper at Shark Bank........... M Flood    

The series is Pristine Oceans  .......cant wait to see it on TV.

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