Friday, March 27, 2015

Underwater photos from Matt and Paul

Octopus  taken by Paul
As I said the boys sent us lots of photos so here we go again!!
Marbel Ray M Flood

Octopus are always fun and this one was hiding form Paul Jennings ...........note the white colour  telling quite clearly that " I see you and I'm unhappy about it" . Also note the one big eye that never leaves  sight of the camera man !!

We are so lucky to get lots of different rays in our waters and  its always great to see a large Marbel Ray resting on the bottom .
 Its OK to get reasonably close ..........just stay away from the back end were the tail and spike is . NEVER swim  on top  / over a ray just in case the tail is raised the photo stay in front and don't touch . Just have a really good look .

YES this is one of the rock alleys at Shark Bank just has to be !!
Single file traffic of sting rays .. an amazing sight and a wonderful photo . Thanks  Matt

These natural rock formations act as safe haven and right of passage  for larger pelagic  fish  such as these rays,  passing or resting sharks and some big Parrot fish groups

Just in case you forget who  the UK Dive group were check them out with the staff going left to right:
Birthday girl Jenny, Paul without camera, Instructor Sabrina in the grips of Matt behind, Matt Flood and DM Mike  in red, DM's Lauren and Yannick hiding behind, and last on the right both DM 's Aless and Mette .
Sad to say good bye  to both the group and the Divemaster girls  as they move on to other careers ,

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