Monday, September 5, 2016

Chinese CCTV Film Crew film Intro to SCUBA diving

 Arrangements were made for 6 students from China to take the Introduction to SCUBA diving and to go diving with the CCTV Film Crew. Instructors were booked , 3 private boats  and all was arranged  fro about 9 or 10 people . Or so we thought !!!  Little did we realize there are so many people involved in filming for a Reality TV show ...AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE  DECENDED ON THE DIVE CENTRE AND BERJAYA SWIMMING POOL last Sunday .
 Glad to say they got all the filming done in sunny weather and 6 new beginners were successful on their filmed dives looking and identifying   corals as part of their contest .
training in the Berjaya pool

so far I count 16 film crew in attendance

Pre diving interview with  TV  program presenter 

Off on the dive

After dive  final interview and reactions to SCUBA

Film Director of CCTV

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