Friday, July 19, 2013

Buisy IDC Staff Instructor , Tony Marie -Jeanne

Sabrina has been on holiday  for 2 weeks and Tony has been holding down the fort / classroom!

IDC Staff Instructor , Tony
Along with his  band of 4 Divemaster trainees he has completed :
2 x EFR & First Aid classes
2 x Jr Openwater Diver courses
2 x Openwater Diver courses
1 x Advanced OW course
1 x Rescue course with one more to come next weekend!

He is a great educator and combines his  course training with Divemaster  continuing education  expereinces.
His 4 Divemasters are  Andy, Kyle and Pippa and local skipper/ divemaster trainee Andrew .

Now we are glad to add to the mix a new trainee Simon. So if you see yet another smiling face you will know who everyone is
new addition to the team, Simon

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