Thursday, May 26, 2016

4th Whale Shark conference in Qatar

 Being a conservation  active  Dive Centre   , the Underwater Centre went to  Qatar for the 4th  International Whale Shark conference . 3 days of intense presentations from  all the current scientists  researching whale sharks from all over  the world has been amazing . We work closely with Marine Conservation Society Seychelles ( MCSS)......  see the  happy faces below.

Dr David Rowat and assistants Freya and Savy
The last day after the conference  was spent on a special trip to visit the whale shark aggregation in Qatar.......only possible via arrangements with the MAERSK  oil company and the Qatar Ministry of we were very privileged indeed. Over 100 sharks seen, measured, many  tissue samples taken and over 20  sharks tagged .......a very busy morning which stated at 03.30 am!!!
Dr Rowat and Savy dock side in the Navy Port

Freya catching some early morning sun...only 06.30 and hot already!!

Savy after 2 hours in the water ........just in for some water !

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