Friday, May 13, 2016

Spanish Navy pay a vist

We are delighted to receive the crew of the SPANISH navy during their short  R&R break in Port Victoria.
 It seems that the Dive Shop was quite busy with many certified divers and several beginners trying for the first time .

 We were pleased to get the below e mail from crew member  Jose Losada:
'' Hi good afternoon.
yes we are sailing to djibouti and we are happy with the dives with you but unfortunately we didnt see turtles or sharks :( maybe the next time...
the crew that are doing the practices was very good with us...Mexican ( Dive Master trainee Andy)  and scotish girl ( Dive Master trainee Matilda) was so patiences with us.great for them!
Thank you very much and maybe we can see littel monsters the next time. :)  ''
 Dive Master trainees Andy and Matt are 2 of the 6 currentt trainees we have very pleased to hear  that they are getting such good reviews!  YES pity about the  sharks and Turtles  as we usually have good sightings  but that's just your luck when diving . So we need to do lots of dives !!

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