Monday, February 9, 2015

Long distance dives to Brissaire Rocks and Dragon's Teeth

Sunday 8th was again a beautiful day with calm seas and warm water at 29.C . So off we went to the granitic sites of Dragon's Teeth ( 25 meters) and Brissiare Rocks ( 16-18 meters) . It seems that there was everything there that a diver could wish for : Eagle rays, sharks, barracuda, turtle amazing dive was had by all.
white tip shark resting on the bottom   

Eagle rays are fairly common on dive sites in Seychelles ....often seen in large numbers swimming above your head so always look up .

Hawksbill Turtle swimming around the rocks looking for sponges to eat . Note the pointed peak........that is one of the most noticeable  features that will help identify the turtle as a Hawksbill .

A slight current was present but it was the full moon and to be expected . A slight current often  helps to  keep the water clearer  and the fish life more abundant.

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