Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mural is comlpeted!!!!

The girls have finally managed to complete all the paining of the wall mural.............and it looks fantastic
looking toward the beach..Dive Cente on the left

Looking from the Dive Centre
The wall is actually the back wall of the Pizzeria kitchens...........plain , boring cream coloured paint but no longer!! The pathway between the kitchens and the Dive Centre leads to the beach  so hopefully lots of people will be able to see the wonderful work of the  two girls .
The chalk boards are used to list the various dive sites planned for the week and to daily draw the dive site map with tthe required details of :
bottom time allowed
features and hazzards
High tide and Low tide
what to look out for as ' special' on the dive site
Meet the artists Aless and Laurna

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