Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday 7th morning dives to Conception Island and Matupa

The weather and sea state are  fantastic  at the moment so its off to the longer distance dive sites.
We had a mixture of our regular local divers and tourist visitors with us and a lucky snorkeler, Christian
Whilst divers were checking out the granitic rocks along came everything that past ............. rays , sharks,  turtles . The Divers were very happy.
             More than happy were Dive Mater Trainee Aless and Christian who were pulled out of the water by skipper Mike and taken about 30 meters away from the island to snorkel with the whale shark .................again!!!  Same little guy heading south !! Mike has good eyes!
                            This time he stayed 5 meters below the surface but with clear water this was no problem . He was going up and down to 20 meters regularly and talking with local whale shark expert,  Dr Rowat this is a search pattern for food  that whale sharks do . He was last seen by Aless and Christian as he went  down past 30 meters and never came up again. Hopefully he found the food he was looking for.

If you are ever lucky enough to come across a whale shark please follow the  Code of Conduct as show here . If you do not try to touch or get too close then you have a good chance of swimming with them for a while . Touch and they usually go straight down, Get in front and they go straight down. do flash photography and you again cause a reaction in their normal gentle swimming route .

Thank you for taking care with your encounter

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