Thursday, February 12, 2015

Talented Divemasters

 It would seem that both Aless and Lauren are very good artists ....................little did we know until Aless said " would you like us to paint you a mural ?" .. Its not every day we get an offer like that so after a look at drawings it was  " YES please"
  The start up phase is drawing in pencil and here are two small helpers around once school is over

The beach access for the deluxe chalets runs next to the Dive Centre and  the newly built kitchen wall has always been a plain cream colour...........but not for long. Drawings of sharks, rays  fish, turtle
corals etc etc etc !!  its going to be amazing.

Lauren  has just drawn the turtle and is busy with the coral garden section. Today the painting started  so we can hardly wait for the final effect to be  completed.

Not to sure how much help Junior was but he seemed to enjoy the experience of just being around the artists .

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