Thursday, February 19, 2015

Teaching children

We are always running children's programs  for snorkeling and  pool SCUBA diving  for local children .
During school term we have several weeks of snorkel training in the Berjaya Hotel  pool to teach swimming and snorkel breathing techniques before going out to to the reef.

It is always good for the Dive Master trainees to get involved as the next class is SCUBA BUBBLE Maker

Bubble Maker covers several skills such as preparing your dive mask correctly to prevent fogging, Swimming with fins and breathing from the regulator.  Students also learn to watch their Air consumption gauge , use hand signals for communication .
Advanced BUBBLE  maker classes learn how to get water out of their mask and regulator , how it inflate their BCD's so as to float on the surface and to control their buoyancy underwater .

The kids just love to SCUBA

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