Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Distance dive site of Conception Island South Point

Glad to say that the weather has improved, seas have clamed and winds are minimal again..........so it was off to the long distance site of Conception Island, south point  and Matoopa Point.

Our youngest diver was delighted to report that they had 6 sharks and a shoal of 24 eagle rays !!  .......so no complaints .

Our youngest diver this week  is 12 year old Yash from India. He is a Jr Advanced Openwater Diver with specialties in Enriched Air Nitrox and U/W photography  and his 10 day holiday has become a SCUBA diving  extraveganza .  Already pre booked is the 20 morning dives and  only yesterday he completed his 50th SCUBA dive.  He received underwater post cards of congratulations signed by all the  dive centre staff and a special  one form his Mum and Dad .

The afternoon dives have turned into training dives and so far Yash has competed the Boat Diver Specialty and is working hard on the Search and Recovery specialty with IDC Staff  Instrcutor Tony . Next is the Navigational Specialty so by the end of the week Yash will have 5  PADI Specialty courses and 70 SCUBA dives !!!
   Before going home he will complete his EFR and Jr Rescue Diver  and an extra 5 dives  . This means that he will be able to apply for the PADI Master SCUBA Diver certification .......... a monumental achievement for any diver .

So well done Yash and well done Mum and Dad for all the support  they have given .

We all wonder what milestones Yash will reach at 18 years,  21 years and 25 years ........ hope we can find out.!

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