Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1st May Bank Holiday

 It was a very busy day today with  our new Divemaster trainees working very hard.

James went to Grouper Point and Bay Ternay Marine Park  with divers wishing not so deep diving.
Victoria assisted Tony on the  deeper long distance dive site of Shark Bank followed by Aquarium.

I am very pleased to tell  you  that today  I recieved great reports of their  guiding abilities  and attention to safety and comfort which makes  the whole team  very happy . Indeed when divers ask specifically for the same Divemaster  on the next days diving I know things are going well. !!!

So congratulations guys ..................keep up the good work!!!

The  Dive boat when here twice today ..........the morning dive with James and then all DMT's in  the afternoon dive with students and snorkellers . It is such a great site with depths from 2  to 18 meters

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  1. We are looking forward to Victoria guiding us, in just a few short days!