Thursday, May 2, 2013

A big THANK YOU to the staff of Underwater Centre

As previously mentioned this May weekend Bank Holiday  is very busy and all the staff are working very hard .

Special thanks go to those who have given up their days off to be in at work :

Sabrina gave up Thursday and Friday to complete her Jr Openwater Diver course with Tristan

Skipper Mervin has given up  his Wednesday and Thursday off to keep driving the dive boats 

Divemaster Yannick  has given up Wednesday and Thursday as the first 2 days of his annual leave to help with intro courses and dives 

Tony has stayed behind to fill bottles bottles no dives!!!!

Lastly is Andrew who has been asked to give up his up an coming rest days .....thank you Andrew !

This is what we call  TEAM WORK  and I am delighted to say that Underwater Centre has the best TEAM ever!!!

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