Monday, May 13, 2013

Dive of the week

It has been a few days of easy dives within the Beau Vallon Bay area;

Grouper Point , Bay Ternay Marine Park , Twin Barges wrecks, Aquarium, Grand Bazar reef and  Joker reef.  With 2 dives each morning and one dive each afternoon we quickly  visit lots of places.  So what was special  this week??:
Lots of this Hawksbill have been seen on several sites . This is  seasonally early as mating is usually  later in the year when we expect to see lots of turtles around.   So lucky us!!!!!!!!!!!

A range of moray eels have been seen. This one shows a cleaning station with both cleaning shrimp and cleaning wrass . The  symbiotic relationship between the moray eel is clear to see  lunch here for the moray eel but lots of work for the cleaning team.

This Bat fish  photo was taken on L'Ilot Island . A site with lots of soft corals and large granitic boulders. One of our favourites .
Green Cromis are often seen in hard corals , particularly the table corals of the Beau Vallon reefs.
Although individually small  they always come in large shoals so expect to see a carpet of colour over the corals.

Weather has been mixed over the last few days  with a day of showers and high winds .  Today was perfect with calm seas inside the Bay area and a very sunny sky. So tomorrow we have planned another trip outside the bay to Conception Island .

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