Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Life in the Dive Cente.... 6th February

Today turned out to be a  lovely sunny day . Sea is calming down after a storm  in Mauritius gives us rougher sea conditions . See  below the view of the  beach  from the Dive Center at lunch time  today.
Calm seas over the dive sites 
Due to the persistent wave action close to the beach we are still loading from the Bel Ombre harbor just a 5 minute ride away in our company bus . Loading and unloading is so much easier there when we have a few waves on the beach .
Divers Denis and Marie Claude from France have been diving regularly but to day have a no dive day and a relaxing time on the beach.....they chose to sun bath in front of the Dive Center so still stayed close by!
Meet Denis and Marie - Claude 
Daria completed her Open Water course  this morning with IDC Staff Instructor Tony
Post Dive Debriefing and log book keeping 
Constantin today completed the Wreck and Boat dives of his Advanced Open Water course
After logbook  keeping and debriefing from Tony it was a practice session on the beach for the Compass Navigation dive tomorrow 
Learning how to use a compass...practice with Dive Master trainee David

developing good habits  means writting your dives in your log book ...........Tony is quite strict about this!
At the end of every dive there is the big cleanup involving washing all gear and getting it on the drying racks  before putting it away in the equipment room  . Dive Master trainees Nichole and David  get busy

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