Monday, February 5, 2018

5th February activities

It is still low season so quiet on the diving front! We had 3 divers on the morning dive  and 1 Rescue diver student, Ellie,  out on the boat completing the  RESCUE course with Instructor Sabrina . Dive Master trainees David and Nicole  went along as well . David has been diving daily but Nicole has suffered form a bad ear infection and is just getting back into the water  . So far all goes well so fingers crossed the ears are all OK now.
Ellie completed her RESCUE diver course today 
Ellie lives in Seychelles and has done all her training with us from Open water , Advanced Open Water and the Emergency  First Aid & CPR course . Next step is the Dive Master course !! Sabrina is ready so sign up soon .!!
                   Keeping busy on the tanks for  SBS scene are  Tony and Dean .
Everyone likes a safe cylinder when diving but there is nothing fancy about the preparation 
Daria will complete her Open Water course tomorrow and Constantine from Austria is underway with his Advanced Open Water course still lots to do.

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