Sunday, February 11, 2018

Gosh this was a busy Sunday!!

Little did I know just how busy it would get at the Dive Center today ........too busy for the usual photos .sorry guys!!
I did catch the 2 dive boats leaving this morning 
09.30 boat departure for 2 different dive sites each boat
Today we had the local Dive Club ( 8 divers)  going to Shark Bank and L'ILot island ......its the best weather and sea conditions in months so  not surprising they got together to go for a dive. The other boat went to Grouper Point and Bay Ternay Marine National Park ( 6 divers and 1 snorkeler)  . Ideal for both snorkelers and  divers alike and was a request By Silvie and Patrick .Both boats returned at 1.15 having seen sharks , turtles ,rays ....the lot so everyone was happy !!!
 By now I was busy with pool skills for Anne doing her Open water  confined water training with Instructor Darius
Start at the beginning and put equipment together then check all is OK
Once they were in the pool I had Andrea come  along for a  pool refresh  having not dived in 15 years  followed immediately  by 4 Spanish clients wishing to do the introduction to SCUBA course and 2 of their friends as Open water divers wishing  to do the afternoon dive with them. .........great!!
So we go from just Anne doing her first ever dive for PADI OW course training  to 8 divers . Luckily we have lots of experienced staff  and the dive departed with 3 staff supervisors and 8 divers ...a good beginners ratio.
Constantin completed his Enriched Air NITROX course with final tables theory.  ( had him working his brains a bit as this course is mostly mathematics !!) and final exam ....... but he is now certified to dive with NITROX.
Having put out over 40 tanks today we had a final  rush to assist another Dive Center who's compressor went down!  20 tanks required for tomorrows dive .  We always help out when we can as it is impossible to say when you may need help yourself!!

So Phew !!!  a busy Sunday !!

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