Sunday, July 24, 2011

Congratulations to our July students

End of July is coming and we have been quite quiet for the month but we still say ''THANK YOU '' to all our students.

Jr OPEN WATER ; Catarina Holst, Rebecca Whant,

OPEN WATER ; John van Zyl, Damon Anderson, Christiane Anderson, Jake Fonseka, Anna Hutton, Ian Hutton

Jr ADVENTURE DIVER; Luzan Robinson, Amalia Herrera

RESCUE DIVER: Christian Beyer, Jens Hammer, Dorry Price, Melissa Sharwood

EFR & 1st AID; Jens Hammer,

ENRICHED AIR -NITROX: Victoria Collins,

PEAK PERFORMANCE BOUYANCY; Luzan Robinson, Amalia Herrera,

Luzan Robinson, Amalia Herrera,

AWARE FISH ID: Luzan Robinson, Amalia Herrera

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