Monday, July 4, 2011

1st Whale Shark seem at Grouper Point

During the months of June , July and August the SE monsoon winds blow causing off shore winds of various strengths . This in turn causes the up welling current of the ocean and cooler  waters to appear .  With the cooler waters come the plankton and although the visability  is reduced during this period the '' up side'' is the arrival of the whale sharks.

surface swimming whale shark  and ramora fish
So last week the first shark was seem in the south of Mahe  and a few days later our  divers at Grouper Point in the north of Mahe  had their first sighting . Yesterday a small 3 meter  shark was seen in the middle of Beau Vallon Bay .   The annual migrations seems to have begun early but  always welcome ! The Research Programe into the abundance and migratory patterns of Whale Sharks takes place  in September and October. During this period the winds have fallen away allowing the '' spotter''  microlite plane  to fly daily , the seas are calmer , clearer, warmer making snorkelling much more confortable for all  and the sharks are in greater numbers

Here's hoping that 2011 will be a great season with lots of snorkelling encounters each afternoon!!

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