Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best dive of the week

During the SE  wind season when visibility goes down we  get to look closer at all the small stuff.........yes,  its oh so cool to see big sharks and  rays  etc but sometimes the small stuff is so colourful, delicate and amazing .. just take  a look at what we have on our reefs:.
Porceline crabs are found on the underside of the anemonies so be very careful if trying to get a photo of these. Remember that the anemonie stings!

The  leaf fish  is  very difficult to find but seems to be territorial so once the Divemasters have found one they can usually find it again. We get several different colours and have seen the purple ,( as shown ) white ( which is most common) , black, yellow and pink  Only a few cms long  you really have to look closely .

The ghost pipe fish  is usually mistaken for floating sea grass  so it pays to move slowley  and to look very  closely   at  subjects that appear not to be never know they actually may be a fish!!  This delicate subject was found floating  across a coral  head. At only 4 cms long it could easily be missed

Lastly was found a coral head with 2
different  kinds of lionfish . The black and white juvenile common Indian lionfish is the most common of the species found in the Indian Ocean   . Next to it is the orange coloured  Zebra dwarf lionfish . Always be careful of the toxic  spines found along the  length of the  spine.A sting from these is a big mistake  so keep your hands to yourself and dont touch .

So next time the SE winds are blowing and visability goes down  dont every think that there is nothing to see........  its all there .You just have to look!

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