Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Easter weekend as fantastic............. perfect weather with blue skies, calm warm seas and great visibility  so we did as many longer distance boat dive  sites as possible!!.......almost all of the top 10 dive sites.

Our top 10 include Brissaire Rocks and the neighbouring rocks of Dragons Teeth.  Always several shoals of fish and passing pelagics to keep everyone interested  including the '' must see a shark''   boys and girls.

The wreck of the ENNERDALE , a British Royal Auxilliary Fleet tanker sunk in 1970  after hitting an uncharter rock  is always a highlight .  Lying on its starbourd side , 30 meters to the sandy bottom  and 18 meters on the top.............  this is a huge wreck!!   Visited by large grouper, shark, rays and shoals of fish it is  an advanced divers dive due to depth and probable current.

Also visited was Shark Bank..........which should be renamed as Rays Mount  as it is almost  always  possible to guarantee  Eagle Rays overhead and large blue Marble rays on the ground. With a given maximun depth of 30 meters , an average of 25 meters and a shallow top of 22 meters this is a good computer guided dive  over granitic rocks in the middle of  the sea half way between Mahe Island and Shillouette Island . Always a favourite  long  distance boat dive site .

Easter Sunday afternoon divers  going to Bay Ternay Marine Park for diving and snorkelling

Glad to say we had lots of divers, chocolate and EASTER bunnies . Trust everyone had as  good a weekend as us

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