Saturday, April 3, 2010


April 1st  once again saw many divers at the Underwater Centre .   All were sent out on a search for the very rare fish of Seychelles... Heniochus cubicus  or Diamond bannerfish

The Dive went to GROUPER POINT which is  a Seychelles granitic rock site with encrusting corals  and lots of shade loving fish. Larger pelagic fish are often seen  on the NW point as the coast changes direction and head south .   So an ideal dive site to look for and hopefully find very rare fish .  The second dive of the morning  two tank dive trip was Bay Ternay Marine National Park.  As a protected reef site  this would have been ideal territory  for any kind of unusual  or rare fish !!

Needless to say  no Diamond Bannerfish  were seen  and all divers were so surprised  to find out that an APRILS FOOL had been played on them by the dive team.

The group photo  was a laugh  with Divemaster's Michael   and Christina  , Skipper  Mervin  and several
divers from all across the  world ..............America, Canada, Germany, England, Finland, South Africa.

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