Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Underwater Centre- Dive Seychelles is  pleased to welcome our third visiting Greek  warship into Port Victoria and to take  divers from the  HELLAS DIVERS  group of Navy trained Divers

Hellas Divers  on Easter Monday with  only a 2 day stop in Port Victoria

We visited L'Ilot Island to show the granitic rock formations  that are typical of Seychelles Mahe Island . At this site the rocks are surrounderd by shoals of  snapper, bream, big eye, pygmi batfish, fusselier, stripped seargeant major 's and more.  Corals encrust onto the rocks and in possible current areas there is a garden of soft tree and fan corals.  At a depth of 18 meters max it is a good site for all  certified divers


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