Thursday, October 13, 2016

Photos of Seychelles Maritime Academy underwater !!

Looking back on the blog you will see that we trained 11 Academy students  for both Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications.. Follow some of their adventures on their Under Water dives
Heading to the boat just off the beach in front of the Dive Center

Access by ladder...never climb up wit equipment on 

Heading to the Dive Site

Tight control  of the class by Instructor Tony

Good buddy communications with Instructor Tony

Remove and replace mask underwater with Instructor Sabrina holding tight 

Emergency ascent practice with Instructor Tony

Underwater compass navigation

Feeling fine!

Enjoying the dive

Group ascent with both Instructors Tony and Sabrina in control

Underwater tour being watched by moray ell

Swimming back to the boat after the dive
Dive Master trainee Ruby assisting the Instructors with  the class

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