Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Perfect day on Beau Vallon beach 22-03-2016

 The sun has been shinning since 6am and Beau Vallon Beach is just perfect.
 2 boats went out for dives today.
 * Dive Boat 1 with advanced divers to the Ennerdale Wreck and Mushroom Rocks .........2 longer distance dive site  by a special request form  repeat divers. Maureen and Markus.
* Dive Boat 2 did 2 easy shallow dives with students  on Aquarium and Coral Gardens .lots of fish and great corals.

So everyone was happy .

Perfect day on Beau Vallon beach looking North from the Dive Centre
Beau Vallon Looking south from the Dive Centre. Perfect conditions for a longer distance dive site

Boat ride to Ennerdale Wreck
typical wreck dive with large propellers


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