Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter to everyone

It was a busy day at the Dive Centre today ......Easter weekend is upon us and we had 3 boat departures this morning;
 Boat 1  with advanced divers went to the long distance dive sites of Dragons Teeth and Brissiare Rocks
Eagle rays are very common on many sites

Dive Master and yellow snapper at Brissiare rocks

Dive Boat 2 went to Twin Barges wrecks and Bay Ternay Marine  National Park as a special  request  from  Naomi and Kevin 

Diver along side one of the twin barges
Dive boat 3 was a special request for 1 dive on the bay of Beau Vallon  by a family newly certified as SCUBA divers
Blue damsel fish

sea cucumber

common lion fish

Hawksbill turtle and divers

A great dive day was had by all . In the afternoon we went back to the Bay Ternay Marine Park with several snorkeling enthusiasts and a few divers .

Tamara is completing her Navigation specialty

different ways to hold the compass

Dive 2 is completing several  distance swims with different patterns ......square, rectangle, triangle


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