Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013's newest PADI DIVEMASTERS

Underwater Centre - Dive Seychelles  continues with  the PADI Divemaster training courses and internships and so far we have 4 happy and successful graduates.

We are able to offer packages that include accmmodation , Divemaster training course and up to a maximum of a 3 month stay for lots of  internship practical work .  All this from a cost of  euro 1800 .

Pre requisite is to be a PADI Rescue Diver with an up todate EFR certification.  However in just   1  month it is also possible to train from an absolute beginner to Divemaster . Courses include :
Openwater Diver, Advanced Openwater Diver, Rescue Diver, EFR and Divemaster course . With accommodation this minimum one month stay is from a cost of  euro  1500 .  How long you stay is entirely up to you .........but must be less than 3 months total.
Please  email us if you are interested in any intensive training programs  ..... we are glad to help

2013 Happy graduates are :

 Amy Wessel
Tom Ellis
Lara Thompson
Laura.........whos photo I cant find!!!!!  Sorry Laura .

Currently under training we have :
Victoria Beasley
James McKenzie

Dr Jacquie still to come!!

Andrew Laboudallon
Keep watching for their progress over the next few weeks / months

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