Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Island Day trips with beach BBQ very popular

 We have been very lucky with spells of great weather allowing us to vist three islands in one day for diving / snorkelling and beach BBQ

 First  dive / snorkel is at Grouper Point on Mahe  Island followed by a trip across the  gap to Conception Island. Diving / snorkelling the south point of this Island is always rewarding and visability has been the best ever for January!!  Then its off to Therese Island  for the beach BBQ  with a Creole twist.......lots of fish , chicken and local style salads

On days when  taking the boats out of the West of Mahe has not been  so good we have  taken trips to St Anne's Marine National Park.
 Here, during the day  we can visit Cerf  Island, snorkel around St Anne's and Moyenne Islands and have lunch on Round Island .  Traveling from the East coast is an easy departure from Marine Charter  and only about 25 minutes by boat .    It seems to be a favourite  for the new Divemaster trainees with regular requests to be on board  every Friday !!

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